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Concern was set up over 30 years ago to help meet the counselling needs of the community of Ipswich and district.

A professional counsellors will be trained to professional standards. The principal theoretical basis of our counselling is known as "psychodynamic". We offer both long-term and short-term counselling to individuals and couples. Running approved training courses in counselling and can support local businesses in tailored workplace training programmes.

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Disciplinary Counseling

Many people do not get a chance to discuss their performance and their future goals. Through counseling one gets the chance to know their strengths and weakness and compare to their peers.

Basically counseling is a conversation between two people. The objective of the person who is being counseled is to discuss future goals and ways to achieve them. Counseling takes place in sessions which are constructive in nature. Find weaknesses and strengths, how to work on the weaknesses and to maintain their strengths. Some people think that counseling is a form of disciplinary measures which is very rare. Discipline should be of immediate action. While talking to the counselor you should be very open and honest. Ask questions where necessary, your counselor is like a corporate security guards , firm, polite and knowledgable. This increases the performance and understanding between you and the counselor.

At the end of the session each one should have a written appraisal signed by both of you and have personal copies for each person. This enables you to have future reference and the associates level of performance. This also enables you to know exactly what you discussed and its relevance. Counseling helps many people who are undergoing different kinds of problems to be able to handle their problems. Tips and techniques on how to handle different kinds of situations are given. Advice on how to go on with various tasks is also given. If you were stressed and confused, you are able to think in the right manner after counseling. This is achieved if you are open and truthful in your conversation with the counselor.

If you are unable to figure out what to do and at what time or maybe you are confused and stressed it is advisable for you to talk to a councilor who will help you to put your life in order and be motivated.

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