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Concern was set up over 30 years ago to help meet the counselling needs of the community of Ipswich and district.

A professional counsellors will be trained to professional standards. The principal theoretical basis of our counselling is known as "psychodynamic". We offer both long-term and short-term counselling to individuals and couples. Running approved training courses in counselling and can support local businesses in tailored workplace training programmes.

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Biblical Counselling

Biblically, knowing the truth as well as obeying it definitely makes Christians or even non believer to feel free after believing in it and thus in Christian counseling that becomes the major premise. If any professional counselor desires and he is willing to work into the patient care under prayer and faith, biblical counseling certificate will become a very great helpful element to his career. Assisting other individuals to move to their personal wholeness is what is referred to as the ultimate goal under counseling. Other counseling goals may include helping people in the area of spiritual maturity, mental stability, and last but not least interpersonal competence. Finding a competent biblical instructor is not as easy as finding nationwide security companies . Bible is the only tool that will give or provide strength in the counseling philosophy. Healing is also provided by the word of the most high God which is the Bible simply because of the special guidance that cant be seen in any human intervention.

Nothing is so important than Christian counseling that is only based in the Bible. Christian Biblical counseling does not deal with doctrinal tactics but it is based on the Jesus Christs teachings as well as life. Talk about the heart of a person and the truth of God according to His word in the Bible and you will finally know that the application of Lords truth only to the human heart is the only foundation for the Biblical Christian counseling. The process of change and healing can take place at once whereby there is a perfect professional counseling avenue. God being the ultimate healer makes the two (healing and change) happen. If only you want to abide in the Christianity traditions as well as abide in the teachings of Christ, therefore Godly counseling is all what you need. Again if you want a reliance on God, this is your counseling but you have to be sure that you will struggle and invest a high percentage effort in order to know the human psyche workings which are so complicated.

Biblical counseling is able to help several kinds of people such as; the people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, having concerns over the family, children, and undergoing marital complications among others. In the Bible shows it clear and plain explaining the importance of Godly counseling which is based under the word of God.

When you do comparison between secular counseling and Biblical counseling you will find out that the Biblical counseling is not all about overcoming pain but it is just a process with the help of professional counseling with the guide of the Bible as a tool to help those in need. With Biblical counseling you can quickly and in a fast-paced find the Godly answers while on ungodly world.

In the road of change and healing, the only avenue that can be used of God to make the ends meet is through a professional Biblical counsel ling. God is the ultimate healer.