Concern Counselling

Welcome to Concern Counselling

Concern was set up over 30 years ago to help meet the counselling needs of the community of Ipswich and district.

A professional counsellors will be trained to professional standards. The principal theoretical basis of our counselling is known as "psychodynamic". We offer both long-term and short-term counselling to individuals and couples. Running approved training courses in counselling and can support local businesses in tailored workplace training programmes.

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Academic Advising

Academic advising is very important to both experienced college students and first time students. It helps one to make the right decisions, saves you time, money and reduces stress.

Academic advising gives advice that will help you in balancing your activities to give you excellent results. For a student who is taking work-intensive classes that require major papers and takes several part time jobs. Such a student might be in a very tight position and wrong decisions might be made. An academic advisor is able to help you to schedule and plan for your work in the appropriate way, finding an academic advisor is as easy as asking the school security guards .

Ensuring that classes are planned for properly and in the correct sequence. Not all courses have limits in registration of non introductory classes. Some of these students leave the introductory classes and start in the middle of the cour...more

Biblical Counselling

Biblically, knowing the truth as well as obeying it definitely makes Christians or even non believer to feel free after believing in it and thus in Christian counseling that becomes the major premise. If any professional counselor desires and he is willing to work into the patient care under prayer and faith, biblical counseling certificate will become a very great helpful element to his career. Assisting other individuals to move to their personal wholeness is what is referred to as the ultimate goal under counseling. Other counseling goals may include helping people in the area of spiritual maturity, mental stability, and last but not least interpersonal competence. Finding a competent biblical instructor is not as easy as finding nationwide security companies . Bible is the only tool that will give or provide strength in the counseling philosophy. Healing is also provided by the word of the most high God which is the Bible simply because of the special guidance that cant be seen in any human intervention...more

Disciplinary Counseling

Many people do not get a chance to discuss their performance and their future goals. Through counseling one gets the chance to know their strengths and weakness and compare to their peers.

Basically counseling is a conversation between two people. The objective of the person who is being counseled is to discuss future goals and ways to achieve them. Counseling takes place in sessions which are constructive in nature. Find weaknesses and strengths, how to work on the weaknesses and to maintain their strengths. Some people think that counseling is a form of disciplinary measures which is very rare. Discipline should be of immediate action. While talking to the counselor you should be very open and honest. Ask questions where necessary, your counselor is like a corporate security guards , firm, polite and knowledgable. This increases the performance and understanding between you and the counselor.

At the end of the session each one should have a written appraisal signed by both of you and have personal copies for each person...more